Our sophomore students live in traditional residence halls, while juniors and seniors can experience suite-style and independent living. Learn more about the housing selection process here.

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Sophomore Experience

Hassinger Hall

Hassinger Hall, a sophomore residence hall, has one of the best locations on campus.

North Hall

Take your pick of a traditional single, double or multiple room in North Hall.

West Hall

Pack your bags and head to West Hall, home to a quarter of the sophomore class.

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Suite Style

Sassafras Complex

Live on your own in a fully furnished two-story townhouse, suite or apartment in the Sassafras Complex.

Seibert Hall

Become a part of Susquehanna history as a resident of Seibert Hall, a National Historic Landmark.

West Village

Make yourself at home in West Village in one of the newest residence halls on campus.

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Independent Living

18th Street Commons

The townhouses at 18th Street Commons are the perfect college living experience.

Liberty Alley

The Liberty Alley apartment complex give you a taste of off-campus living in spacious apartments.

Housing Selection Process FAQ

What is a housing selection number?

Your housing selection number is the random number assigned to you within your class cohort. For example, as a sophomore, you will receive a randomly generated number between one (1) and the amount of individuals in your class. Each class will receive a separate set of numbers.

What is available on each housing selection night?

On Rising Senior Night, 18 th Street, Liberty Alley, West Village, and Seibert Hall will be available to select from. On Rising Junior Night, anything that is left from Rising Senior Night will be available, and we will open Sassafras Complex and North Hall for selection. On Rising Sophomore Night, anything left over from previous selection nights will be available, and we will open Hassinger and West halls for selection.

What if I have class during the selection time?

Students who are in class during their selection time should identify a proxy who will pick for them on their number.

I’m a junior and want to live with my sophomore friend. Can I pull them up on my night?

No. You can still live together, but you’ll need to select housing on the sophomore’s number.

I want to live in a suite. Do I need to apply?

No. You should identify your group and what space you would like to go into before selection night. Whomever has the lowest number in your group will pick your suite on your selection night. For example, if your group has numbers 37, 128, 302, and 514, the group member with the number 37 will select the suite and place all of you in the suite on their number. The rest of your numbers then become null and they will be skipped.

What if I can’t find enough friends to fill a suite?

We have a large amount of doubles, singles, and triples available across campus that are not in a suite. We would encourage you to select one of these spaces if you cannot fill a suite.

Will there be waitlists?

We will maintain a singles waitlist and a student-created community waitlist.

Will you do any roommate matching if I can’t find a roommate?

We will host roommate meet and greets for students looking for a roommate.

What if my roommate/suitemate decides to transfer or take a leave of absence over the summer? Will I get a new roommate?

It is likely you will get a new roommate. If you have someone you would like to live with and pull into the space, you should be in communication with the Office of Residence Life. If you don’t have someone to pull in, we will ask you to fill out a shorter version of our roommate matching form so we can find a good match for you.

What happens if I don’t participate in the housing selection process?

If you do not participate in the housing selection process and do not communicate with the Office of Residence Life before July 1, 2019, you will be billed for a housing and meal plan and placed into housing in July.

My parents/guardian live close enough that I could commute—how do I do that?

You should fill out the housing exemption form. It will be reviewed by the Office of Residence Life and your approval/denial will be communicated to you via email.

What happens if I don’t get housing on the housing selection night?

You will be added to our waitlist and will be housed as rooms become available based on your preferences.

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