Though we offer more than 100 GO programs in 55 countries, you can participate in another short-term program or even design your own through GO Your Way.

Your GO Your Way program must be at least two weeks long during a summer or winter break. Your cultural immersion can take place in a different country or within the U.S.

Step 1

Research programs or ideas
There are three different types of GO Your Way programs: take classes abroad, volunteer/intern or self-design an experience. To start looking for programs, consider places that you've always wanted to visit or issues that you're interested in learning more about.

Step 2

Schedule a meeting with an advisor in the GO Program office. You will complete an initial advising application online based on the type of GO Your Way program you are interested in. Then use the online link to schedule an advising appointment.

Step 3

Submit your proposal

After your meeting, you will submit a GO Your Way application. The application includes a series of essay questions that describe your study away plans and how they fulfill the GO requirement.

Proposals for summer must be submitted before Feb. 15. Proposals for winter must be submitted before Sept. 15.

Proposal materials can take 2-4 weeks to be processed and usually involve some revisions. When your materials have been reviewed, you'll receive an email notifying you of your application status. We recommend that you do not make any plans until your proposal is approved.

Academic Programs

Susquehanna’s international partnerships, listed as SU-in programs, often have summer courses. Additionally, the organizations that host our GO Long programs, such as CIEE, Global Semesters and Arcadia, have summer and winter programs that are great options for GO Your Way. And there are many other good program provider/organizations available. You can often earn academic credit to transfer back to Susquehanna when you complete your program. Just ask us!

Service and Volunteer Programs

A service-oriented GO Your Way program lets you lend a helping hand to communities in need, while fulfilling your GO requirement at the same time. There are many different service organizations, such as Projects Abroad, that can help you plan your program.


Complete an internship in a cross-cultural setting. Not only do you get experience in the career field of your choice, but interning abroad can open your eyes to new and different aspects of that career. It's a great experience to put on your resume, as employers are continuously looking for applicants who have had cross-cultural experiences.

Self-Designed Program

A self-designed program is one that you build yourself from the ground up. It's a good option if you're comfortable traveling independently and passionate about a particular issue, place or idea that you want to explore through a cross-cultural experience. You can also jumpstart a senior research project or get involved in community-based research.

Looking for some inspiration to help plan your program?

Susquehanna students have traveled near and far in recent years to places like Jamaica, Samoa, Germany, Ireland, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Peru, Cyprus, Scotland, Japan, Romania, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, Singapore and Cuba.

Caitlin Barnes '19 studied in Barcelona, Spain, through Performing Arts Abroad. The theatre studies major interned at a musical theatre school for children, teenagers and adults.

"I loved this option since I could combine my abroad trip with work experience and build my resume at the same time," Barnes said.

Music major John Uhlig '19 spent two months in Havana, Cuba, through CIEE's Summer Cuban Studies program. He took classes on Afrocuban culture and Cuban history — both taught in Spanish — and a salsa dancing class.

"Between spending time with my host family, as well as spending evenings playing dominos with Cubans who lived in the neighborhood, my experience was enriched by an authentic perception of Cuban culture and life," Uhlig said. "What I loved most about my program was being able to use my time freely — feeling more like a resident and less like a visitor."

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