Study abroad for several weeks

Journey to an unfamiliar place—either in the U.S. or abroad—without interrupting your studies on campus. Our GO Short study abroad programs are two to six weeks long and scheduled over summer or winter breaks.

Led by Susquehanna faculty and staff, these are intensive, active-learning programs designed to make the most of your time there. These programs are founded primarily in experiential learning, which allows the small group of Susquehanna students to immerse themselves in the host culture. GO Short program types vary—students may be studying at a host institution, completing a service-learning based program,or connecting with locals through investigative projects, lectures, cooking classes, observational learning methods and more. 

Throughout the program and when you return, you'll reflect on your life-changing study abroad experience with others from your program.

GO Morocco

Examine overlapping cultural histories, traditions and practices in the multi-lingual nation of Morocco.

Travel Writing in South Africa

Two weeks in traditional South African villages, urban centers and breathtaking natural splendor—and time to write about it all.

GO Singapore

Explore historical, political, social and economic developments that have propelled the creation of Singapore’s sustainable infrastructure and culture.

PLUS (Philippines: Learning, Understanding and Service)

It's amazing how an open heart and a jump shot can connect cultures. See the Philippines in a whole new way.

Sherpa Life and Culture

Ready for a life-changing experience? Travel to Nepal where you'll meet the Sherpa people and climb the foothills of Mt. Everest.

A Window to Japan

See firsthand how music can cross language boundaries as you play and study alongside Japanese students at Niigata University.

Focus Australia

The biodiversity of Australia is like nowhere else on earth. Study exotic plants and animals-and the history and culture of the island continent-during a three-week tour.

GO New Zealand/Aotearoa

It's known for its stunning landscapes, but New Zealand is also the only country where the local population never surrendered to colonial powers. See how that partnership continues today.

Life is Good in Chile

From sandy beaches to the towering heights of the Andes Mountains, get ready to explore the diversity of life and climate in Chile with a Susquehanna graduate.


Scientific history was made here, and you can see the evidence firsthand. Spend a few weeks studying the biological and cultural diversity of Ecuador's Galapagos Islands.

GO Cusco

Experience the cultural and historical uniqueness of Cusco, a Spanish colonial city and former capital of the Incan Empire located high in the Andes Mountains.


Explore and experience tango, gauchos, glaciers, penguins and The End of the World

The Arts of Italy

There's no place like Italy when it comes to art, food and culture. And you can see-and taste-it all during this two-week program.

British Law and Culture

Calling all law enthusiasts! Get an up close look at the British legal system while touring England and Scotland.

Czech History and Theater

Art and life collide in Eastern Europe. You'll work directly with professional artists and community NGOs in Prague and Brno.

French Language & Culture

Study French language while living with a host family for six weeks in Aix-en-Provence, one of France's most beautiful cities, to truly experience "la joie de vivre"!

GO Austria: National History, Global Responsibilities

Hike the Alps. Visit a medieval fortress. Study how the Nazi past still affects Austria today. Attend a Viennese opera. Oh, and eat great food!

GO Chester

Have you ever wanted to see what it's like to learn in another country? You'll get a chance to see another educational system firsthand on GO Chester: Education in England program.

GO Cyprus: A Table Divided

Visit this picturesque island nation for two weeks and learn to appreciate it for more than its beauty by studying its history, politics and cuisine.

GO Iceland

Study and explore the unique island nation of Iceland with our GO Ísland/Iceland program.

GO Sweden

Explore Swedish culture and its Viking heritage while addressing the modern-day challenges of health care.

Greek Culture: Ancient and Modern

Visit the birthplace of democracy and Western philosophy. You'll learn a little bit about a lot of facets of modern and ancient Greece-from olive oil production to Greek music.

Peace, Youth and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

Help build the foundations for peace by working with youth groups in an area traumatized by a recently violent past.

Spanish Language and Culture

There's no better way to learn a language than to be surrounded by it. You'll get just that with this program-living with host families for three and a half weeks in Seville.

GO Jerusalem

Visit the center of spiritual life for three major world religions and see how they interconnect in this fascinating historic location.

Service and Culture in Puerto Rico

Work with locals on environmental and community issues, learn how to cook Puerto Rican dishes and visit the rainforest and beaches of this tropical US commonwealth.

GO Cuba

With longstanding travel restrictions to Cuba beginning to ease, you could be among the first U.S. travelers in decades to experience the unique culture of this Caribbean island nation.

GO Hawai'i

You'll go beyond the beach trips and jungle hikes of tourists and get an inside look at this island state from a local perspective.

GO New Orleans Culture and Service

Explore how culture and environment intersect in this history-rich region.

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