The Honors Program is devoted to intellectual excellence, exemplified by the creative interplay of teaching, learning, and scholarship. If you are curious and love to explore ideas, the Honors Program is for you! You’ll ask questions and seek answers relentlessly. Your classmates and professors will offer support and encouragement, and they’ll challenge you as well. You’ll be with like-minded students who pursue ideas and knowledge with passion and persistence.

Susquehanna’s Honors Program supports your commitment to discovery and achievement. Your faculty are dedicated to their teaching and to your success.

We select Honors students from the top 10% of the enrolling class academically from all majors. We expect that you will embrace the total Susquehanna experience by contributing as leaders, performers, athletes and community servants in addition to your intense academic commitments.

You'll follow a sequence of special courses and projects—complemented by discussion groups, lectures, off-campus visits and residential programs—throughout your four years at Susquehanna. You'll join faculty at special events and conferences sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council.

And first-year Honors students will live together in a living-learning community designed specifically for them within a first-year residence hall.

Tiny Dots: Science on the “Nano” Scale

Faculty Lecture by Swarna Basu, Ph.D.

Shari Jacobson
Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty Lecture by Shari Jacobson, Ph.D.

Kolb Faculty Lecture
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Pain: Medicine and the Arts

Faculty Lecture by Martina Kolb, Ph.D.

Students typically enroll in one Honors course during each of their eight semesters at Susquehanna.  All Honors courses satisfy specific combinations of central Curriculum requirements. Only Honors students may register for Honors courses.

During the first year, students must successfully complete HONS-100 Thought, which focuses on ideas and their expression, and one of the following: HONS-200 Thought and Civilization, an interdisciplinary look at literature and cultures; HONS-210 Thought and The Arts, which focuses on Western aesthetics; or HONS-230 Analytical Thought-Logic, a course that examines symbolic logic as the generative epistemology of the scientific method.

After their first year, students must successfully complete either HONS-240 Thought and Social Diversity or HONS-250 Thought and the Natural Sciences, which offer cross-disciplinary approaches. Sophomore Honors students also must successfully complete HONS-260 and HONS 261, the Sophomore Colloquium, in which they engage with an interdisciplinary view of a chosen theme and write a reflection-portfolio.

As juniors, students must successfully complete eight semester hours from a series of HONS-301 seminars that serve as especially interesting and challenging electives. The Honors Program culminates in the Honors Research Project, an experiential learning project that applies an interdisciplinary frame to a topic chosen by the student.  The conclusion of the research project includes a public presentation, usually in a forum organized by the Honors Program.

These courses are often designed primarily for students in a departmental major, but have been opened to Honors students from any major.

Several 300-level Honors classes are normally offered each semester, and they rotate by semester. Students in the Honors program follow a curricular grid that is different from the Central Curriculum because they take specialized courses in critical thinking.

In the past two years, these courses were offered:

  1. History of American Medicine
  2. History of the Book
  3. Pan-Africanism
  4. Just War Theory
  5. Issues in Democracy
  6. Pennsylvania's Pasts & Publics
  7. Shakespeare 
  8. Civil Liberties 
  9. Human Physiology
  10. 20th Century Music and History 
  11. International Organizations 
  12. Diversity in American Politics 
  13. Philosophy After the Holocaust 
  14. Psycholinguistics 
  15. Religious Fundamentalisms 
  16. Medieval Myths and Narratives 
  17. International Political Econ 
  18. Luther: Life and Thought 
  19. Awesome At Life 
  20. Constitutional Law 
  21. American Foreign Policy 
  22. Violence, Terror and Race 
  23. History of American Women's Health 
  24. The Long Civil Rights Movement 
  25. Family and Kinship
Anna Andes, Ph.D.

Department: Theatre
Associate Professor of Theatre

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4664

Matthew L. Duperon, Ph.D.

Department: Religious Studies
Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Jack Russell Holt, Ph.D.

Department: Biology
Professor of Biology

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4205

Drew Hubbell, Ph.D.

Department: English & Creative Writing
Associate Professor of English

Martina Kolb, Ph.D.

Department: Langs., Lits. & Cultures
Associate Professor of German Studies

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4712

Heather Lang, Ph.D.

Department: English & Creative Writing
Assistant Professor of English

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4658

Patrick A. Long, DMA

Department: Music

Jeffrey K. Mann, Ph.D.

Department: Religious Studies
Professor of Religious Studies

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4165

María L.O. Muñoz, Ph.D.

Department: History
Associate Professor of History

Rolfe D. Peterson, Ph.D.

Department: Political Science
Associate Professor of Political Science

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4170

Randy Robertson, Ph.D.

Department: English & Creative Writing
Associate Professor of English & Creative Writing

Karol K. Weaver, Ph.D.

Department: History
Professor of History

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4193

Andrea M. Lopez, Ph.D.

Department: Political Science
Associate Professor of Political Science

Coleen Patricia Zoller, Ph.D.

Department: Philosophy
Professor of Philosophy

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4163

Erik K. Viker, M.F.A.

Department: Theatre
Professor of Theatre

Linda A. McMillin, Ph.D.

Department: School of Arts and Sciences
Degenstein Professor of Leadership

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4004

We offer preferential housing in a traditional residence hall to students who are admitted into and choose to join the Honors program.

In that space, you'll participate in a series of events—including films, speakers and panels—aimed at fostering intellectual curiosity, discussions and chances to learn outside the classroom.

With input from Honors instructors and the Honors council (made up of Honors students who represent the community), we'll select the topics and events throughout the academic year.

Check out all your options! View the course catalog.

The course catalog is the compilation of all the amazing classes and programs being offered at Susquehanna during a given academic year.  For more information about the courses being offered, programs available, and much more, download the catalog and dig in.

See the 2020-2021 Course Catalog
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