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Internship Encourages Philosophy Grad to Attend Law School

Adrian "AJ" Dean II '15 recalls his internship with Federal Magistrate Judge Martin Carlson of the Middle District of Pa.

"I was able to learn about courtroom procedures and the duties of magistrate judges.

"Furthermore, I was able to watch live trials and hearings up close and speak with the attorneys directly involved with the cases.

"This was a great experience because it exposed me to the legal profession in a completely new perspective. I enjoyed this experience and am even more motivated to attend law school as a result of it."

AJ Dean

Other Internships & Research

Greek Culture

Experience Greek culture, past and present.

Study Abroad
Study Abroad

Plato on Women, Gender, and Justice Anthology

Students in Plato Seminar wrote a Plato on Women, Gender, and Justice anthology as part of an experiment in project-based learning. 

Students with Plato on Women, Gender, and Justice anthology

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