Department: Music

Adjunct Faculty in Music

  • Education
  • MM, Baylor University
  • BME, Indiana Univ of PA
  • Areas of Specialty
  • Percussion

Gregory Alico studied with Dr. Gary Olmstead, Dr. Larry Vanlandingham (past PAS presidents), Bill Molenhof, Ed Soph, and Gordon Stout. He performed a xylophone solo on the Whiplash compact disc with the O-Zone Percussion Group. He has recorded 12 compact discs with the Keystone Winds under the direction of Dr. Jack Stamp and has recorded the commercial CDs that coincide with the GIA series Teaching Music Through Performance in Band. He has also been recorded on the commercial labels Klavier and Citadel. In 1998, Mr. Alico had the distinction of performing at the New York State Day of Percussion as a member of the Marimba Orchestra under the direction of Frederick Fennell.

He has performed with the Westmoreland, Waco, Johnstown, and Williamsport Symphony Orchestras. He is principal timpanist of the Susquehanna Valley Chorale Orchestra and is an active member of the Penn Central Wind Band. Mr. Alico lives in Lewisburg Pa., with his wife and two children.

Courses taught:

  • MUSC-013 Percussion Lesson
  • MUSC-014 Percussion Lesson
  • MUSC-076 Percussion Ensemble