Randy Robertson, Ph.D.

Department: English & Creative Writing

Associate Professor of English & Creative Writing

  • Education
  • PHD, Washington University
  • MA, Univ of Chicago
  • BA, University of Virginia

Robertson hails from New York City, where he takes English majors every year to visit a museum, take in a play, and eat Indian food. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Virginia, earned his master's and did a year of doctoral work at the University of Chicago, and attained his Ph.D. at Washington University.

Robertson's first book, Censorship and Conflict in Seventeenth-Century England, was recently published by Penn State Press. A complementary work titled The British Index, a 1,900-page annotated bibliography of works censored in the British Isles 1641-1700, is now online here. He recently co-authored an article with a Susquehanna student; it was published in The Huntington Library Quarterly, an internationally renowned academic journal.

Robertson teaches courses on seventeenth- and eighteenth-century literature, the novel, media history, satire, and the Enlightenment. His next book will trace the relationship between wit and skepticism from the Renaissance to the present.

Robertson serves as the reviews editor of Modern Language Studies, a national academic journal on which a number of Susquehanna University students also work.
Robertson's other interests include tennis, hiking, rowing, chess, and The Daily Show.

Courses taught:

  • ENGL-205 Resisting Authority
  • ENGL-240 Literary Themes
  • ENGL-265 Forms of Writing: Essay
  • ENGL-265 Forms of Writing: Novel
  • ENGL-350 Shakespeare
  • ENGL-350 Studies in Major Authors
  • ENGL-361 Science Fiction
  • ENGL-375 History of the Book
  • ENGL-388 Publishing: Ethics/Art/Politics
  • ENGL-505 Independent Study
  • ENGL-540 Internship
  • HONS-100 Thought
  • HONS-200 Thought and Civilization
  • HONS-301 History of the Book
  • HONS-301 Science Fiction