Martina Kolb, Ph.D.

Department: Langs., Lits. & Cultures

Associate Professor of German Studies

Winifred and Gustave Weber Professor in the Humanities

Associate Director of the Honors Program

  • Education
  • PHD, Yale University
  • MPHIL, Yale University
  • SEP, University of T�bingen
  • MA, Univ of Oregon

Martina Kolb holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Yale and is associate professor of German and associate director of the Honors Program at Susquehanna University. She has taught languages, literatures, arts, cultures, and core humanities at Tübingen (Germany), Oregon, Yale, Konstanz (Germany), Bilkent (Turkey), Penn State and Susquehanna universities. 

Specializing in European modernism and the inter-arts, she has not only taught internationally, but has also researched across disciplines and been the recipient of numerous prestigious academic fellowships, including a Giles Whiting Dissertation Prize Fellowship, Postdoctoral Fellowships at the Universities of Konstanz and Bologna, Suhrkamp and Beinecke Archival Fellowships at Marbach and Yale, a Miller Fellowship in Exile Studies at the University of London, and Academic Fellowships with the American Psychoanalytic Association in New York and the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. Researching at the interdisciplinary intersection of the medical humanities, aesthetics, and comparative literature, Kolb has been engaged in continuing education in psychoanalytic theory. 

Primarily against the theoretical backgrounds of geo-poetics on the one hand, and psycho-poetics on the other, Kolb’s publications have addressed a wide spectrum of linguistic, literary, artistic and cultural materials and concerns, ranging from medieval poetry to contemporary film, Renaissance painting to Fascist aesthetics, botanic agency to last rites, mourning to theatrical masks, transference to detective fiction, theories of trauma to concepts of world literature, and from Mediterranean studies to prison writing. She has also translated extensive interviews with Holocaust survivors for the International Slave and Forced Laborers Interrogation Project

Her monograph Nietzsche, Freud, Benn, and the Azure Spell of Liguria (University of Toronto Press 2013) reassesses comparative modernism, relies on Nietzsche’s belief in the cathartic dimension of poetic expression, presents a discussion of places, displacements and vernaculars as foundational for the poetic tradition, and concentrates on literary influence, intellectual nomadism and the fundamentally poetic relationship of body and mind. This “fascinating study” comes “highly recommended” by reviewers, who have praised it for its “meticulous scholarship” and have characterized it as “expertly competent.”

Courses taught:

  • GERM-102 Beginning German II
  • GERM-201 Intermediate German I
  • GERM-202 Intermediate German II
  • GERM-301 Advanced Conversation and Oral Expressio
  • GERM-302 Adv. German Grammar & Written Expression
  • GERM-310 Topics in German Studies
  • GERM-460 Seminar in German Studies
  • GERM-542 Independent Study
  • GERM-599 Senior Language Proficiency Evaluation
  • HONS-210 Thought and the Arts
  • HONS-260 Sophomore Colloquium I
  • HONS-261 Sophomore Colloquium II
  • HONS-290 Sophomore Essay/Project/Presentation
  • INTD-505 Independent Study
  • ITAL-202 Intermediate Italian II
  • ITAL-310 Italian Literature, Culture, Film
  • ITAL-460 Seminar in Italian Lit, Culture, Film
  • ITAL-599 Senior Language Proficiency Evaluation
  • LANG-503 Classroom Assistant