Chad Hershberger

Department: Communications

Adjunct Faculty in Communications

  • Education

I've been teaching part-time at Susquehanna for about 20 years now.

I actually was considering applying to come to college here, but I never finished the essay and ended up going to Penn State instead. As a teen, I visited Selinsgrove and thought it looked like a cool community. It was probably fate that I ended up in the classroom at this university!

I enjoy interacting with the students here and have taught a number of communications courses during my tenure. My primary work has been supervising practicum students at WQSU, the campus radio station. It is there that I get to share my knowledge of radio broadcasting.

I started in radio when I was in high school and have had my hand in it ever since, including working full-time for a local station. WQSU is not a typical campus radio station because of its power. We broadcast at 12,000 watts and are the most powerful student-run station in Pennsylvania. Because of that fact, we reach a wide audience and our students need to learn the basics of radio broadcasting and form. It excites me to be able to teach that to aspiring radio personalities and then watch them transform that knowledge into a career in this field.

I also enjoy bringing my two young kids to the station to share this craft with them. My daughter particularly loves talking in the microphone and being on the radio!  

Courses taught:

  • COMM-192 Public Speaking
  • COMM-277 Audio Production & Media Performance