Andrea M. Lopez, Ph.D.

Department: Political Science

Associate Professor of Political Science

  • Education
  • PHD, Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor
  • MA, Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor
  • BA, University of Virginia

Courses taught:

  • ENGL-100 Writing and Thinking
  • HONS-100 Thought
  • HONS-301 American Foreign Policy
  • HONS-301 China's Rise in World Politics
  • HONS-301 International Organizations
  • HONS-301 War and Politics
  • INTD-201 International Studies Theory & Practice
  • POLI-131 World Affairs
  • POLI-205 Research Methods
  • POLI-226 Soviet and Russian Politics
  • POLI-300 China's Rise in World Politics
  • POLI-331 American Foreign Policy
  • POLI-334 International Organizations and Law
  • POLI-335 War and Politics
  • POLI-501 Senior Seminar
  • POLI-503 Independent Research
  • POLI-504 Independent Study