More than 4,600 of your fellow alumni, as well as friends of Susquehanna, made so much possible for our students over the past fiscal year.

Your commitment and service to Susquehanna and its success have continued to improve and strengthen the student experience in so many ways. The infographic below shares some of our favorite stories from this past year!

You have made a tangible impact by raising funds, supporting research opportunities and internships, sponsoring athletics programs, helping students afford their study abroad experience, and donating your time and resources to support our students’ blossoming careers. By joining in our culture of philanthropy, you have made a difference.

We are thrilled to say thank you for believing in Susquehanna.

Check out all we’ve accomplished in the past year!

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Celebrating Scholarship

The Celebrating Scholarship Luncheon brought students together with donors, who are the splendid torch that continues to sustain us brightly into the future. 


Volunteers and donors gathered to celebrate Milestones, the annual event that recognizes loyal supporters devoted to making a difference at Susquehanna.

Creating Opportunity

The world today needs bright, committed young talent as never before. Learn how you can open a door, challenge a mind, shape a heart and touch the future.