Aaron Martin

Department: Univ Marketing and Comm
Vice President for Marketing & Communications

Email Address martinaaron@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4120

Alissa A. Packer, Ph.D.

Department: Biology
Associate Professor of Biology

Email Address packer@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4217

Dave Ramsaran, Ph.D.

Department: Provost
Provost & Dean of the Faculty
Professor of Sociology

Email Address ramsaran@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4127

DJ Menifee

Department: Enrollment
VP for Enrollment

Email Address menifee@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4396

Jennifer Bucher

Department: Human Resources/Payroll
Vice President of Human Resources

Email Address bucherjennifer@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4157

Jonathan D. Green

Department: President
President and Chief Executive Officer

Email Address greenjd@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4130

Malcolm L Derk, III

Department: Provost
Director of Grants & Foundation Relations
Director of Grants & Foundation Relations
Interim Chief of Staff

Email Address derk@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4571

Matthew C. Rousu, Ph.D.

Department: Sigmund Weis Sch. of Business
Dean of the SWSB
Professor of Economics

Email Address rousu@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4455

Melissa Komora

Department: Advancement
Vice President for Advancement

Email Address komora@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4103

Michael Dixon

Department: President
Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer
Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer

Email Address dixonmichael@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4049

Mike Coyne, C.P.A.

Department: Vp Finance & Administration
Executive Vice President

Email Address coyne@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4128

Shannon Musgrove

Department: Student Life
Director of TRIO Student Support Services

Susan Lantz

Department: Student Life
Vice President for Student Life

Email Address lantzs@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4415

Valerie G. Martin, D.M.A.

Department: School of Arts and Sciences
Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor of Music
Vice Provost

Email Address vmartin@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4288