It's your first day on campus. As you walk to your dorm with your new room key, you think you see your parents' car up ahead.

But it's obscured by a mass of people in orange T-shirts.

Someone has your shoe divider draped over his arm. Another has the two cases of Kraft Mac & Cheese your mother insisted on buying. Two people lug your fridge between them.

By the time you've reached your car, all of your stuff has been carried up the three flights of stairs to your room.

You're officially moved in. And you didn't even have to do a thing.

Every year, dozens of returning students volunteer with the O-Team to help with Move-in Day.

It is an assembly line of enthusiasm. When a car pulls up, a brigade makes short work of the vehicle's contents.

The work isn't a walk in the park-students end up tired, sore and sweaty. But for them, it's worth it.

Why such enthusiasm? Because Susquehanna is about community and it's about service. From your very first day.

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