First Year & Transfer Student Celebration

Umoja Welcoming Ceremony

This ceremony is held at the beginning of each fall semester to welcome our first-year and transfer students of color to Susquehanna. As people of color, we recognize that it is important to have a village to bolster your success. At SU, your village will consist of faculty, staff, and other students. The Umoja Welcome Ceremony introduces you to the village, and your SU Connect, with whom you will grow, for the next four years.

Senior Week Celebrations

Lavender Graduation Chording Ceremony

A ceremony to honor LGBTQ+ students and to acknowledge their achievements and contributions to Susquehanna University. 

Umoja Stoling Ceremony

Umoja is right of passage ceremony for students of color.

ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

This ceremony celebrates the years of studying and training and marks the transition from officer trainee to leader of soldiers and results in a cadet becoming a commissioned officer.

Honoring Ceremony for Native Students

A ceremony honoring graduating native students for their contributions to the university over the last four years.